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Tentec software allows users to manage and rapidly calculate bolt tensioner pressures. Tentec Bolt Load Software has been designed with the philosophy of minimal input, maximum output. Documentation for multiple bolted joint projects can be created very quickly with minimal operator input. The software package contains data for the following standard bolted flanges:-

ANSI B16.5
SPO/Norsok L-005
Vector SPO Compact Flanges

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The Tentec Bolt Tightening Software will in most cases recomend a suitable bolt stress, based on the bolt loads specified in the different bolted flange specifications. The software also has a feature which allows it to be used on non standard bolted joints. In "Manual Mode" the user enters important bolted joint information, such as bolt diameter, clamp length and target bolt load and the software will select a suitable Tentec tool and generate the correct pressure and tightening sequence to apply to the selected tool. The software generates a live bolt stress graph so that the user can see at a glance what proportion of the bolts tightening capacity is being used.

The software in conjunction with the Tentec user instruction manual for the particular tool being used, walks the operator through the complete tightening process from start to finish. Correct, best practice, tightening sequences are given along with the tensioner pressures required to tighten a bolted joint in the most efficient time possible.

The software is ideal for use by bolt iightening service companies who have to submit bolted joint tensioner data sheets to their customers. The output documentation can be easily re-branded to display the service companies name and logo.

The documentation package consists of a summary sheet which provides an overall list and core information of all applications covered in the project and an individual detailed application sheets for every single joint contained in the project.

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