CTST Series - Topside Bolt Tensioners

The use of Tentec's Bolt Load Software package along side the CTST range of bolt tensioning tools completely removes the complexity of calculating what pressure to operate the tensioning tools. A complete bolt tensioning project can be defined and rapid joint specific technical datasheets can be produced with all the information that the operator of the equipment needs to successfully tighten the bolted joint.

joint document

The CTST range of topside bolt tensioning tools from Tentec consist of 6 base tools covering bolt sizes from 3/4" to 4"(M16 to M100). The tools are designed to fit on to most ANSI B16.5, ANSI B16.47 Series 1, MSS-SP44, API-6A and API-17D flanges. Each base tool can be converted for use on a different bolts size by the use of Tentec conversion kits Refer to the specifications page for part numbers. Specifications ►

The video below schematically explains how bolt tensioning tools work. Note the video shows a typical "Detachable" type tensioning tools like the CTST Series. Refer to the Hydraulic Nut section for permanent type tensioners


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Tentec offer purpose designed Air Driven, Electric Driven and Hand Powered Hydraulic power packs. Carefully designed for optimised performance when used with our Bolt Tensioning products.

Special Tensioning Solutions

Tentec are one of the few tensioning companies in the world who can provide specially designed bolt tightening solutions.

If the standard ranges of Tentec tools are not suitable, contact Tentec and we will design a special tensioner solution normally within days of your enquiry and provide a fully detailed proposal drawing and quotation.
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Pump Units

Air Powered
The Tentec air operated pump units are designed to be failsafe, user friendly, lightweight and compact.

Electric Powered
The Tentec WTP3 is a self contained electric driven high pressure hydraulic pump unit. With varying voltage and phase specifications

Manual Powered
Light weight and compact design