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Tentec are a specialist provider of training and competence assurance programmes in the assembly and tightening of bolted connections to industries as diverse as oil & gas (onshore and offshore), power generation, construction, defence and renewable energy.

Tentec delivers training in controlled bolting in accordance with "Mechanical Joint Integrity Standards" document published by the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB). The training standards available are MJI10 hand torque, MJI18 hydraulic tensioning and MJI19 hydraulic torque wrenches. Additional Tentec derived courses include TE12 Hydraulic Nuts and TE13 BTS-Bolt Tightening Software.

These standards are recognised by industry and recommended as the benchmark qualification for bolting personnel by The Energy Institute and other influential authorities.


Tentec offer a mobile training service as well as our own comprehensive certified training school within the Tentec facility. This gives our clients the option of either using Tentec equipment in our training school or onsite at our client's facility giving the trainee's the benefit of learning on the actual equipment they will be using on the job.

Training and Competence
Everyone with an influence on joint integrity in the organisation should be aware of the management system, its objectives, experience and effects on project planning and day to day working. Good awareness needs to be maintained. Any staff working on bolted joints should be appropriately trained and competent.

Extract from - Guidelines for the Management of the Integrity of Bolted Joints for Pressurised Systems. - 2nd Edition 2007 Copies Available from the Energy Institute

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*Optional Tentec derived training courses.